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We've got you covered - Air-Supported Structures


The Farley Group has a proud tradition in the sales, manufacturing, installation and servicing of air-supported structures. Ralph Farley, our Founder, brought the concept to North America from Sweden over 40 years ago. Considering our rigorous and unpredictable climate, Ralph saw a market here for these huge, protective 'bubbles'. Since 1970, Ralph Farley and his associates have contributed to the manufacture and sale of well over 700 air supported structures throughout the world.


The Farley Group is committed to continuing the development of new products and services to help our customers minimize costs and maximize revenues.



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• October 06, 2015 | Summer Soccer Training During the Winter

Summer Soccer Training During the Winter   One of the drawbacks to living in Canada is harsh winters. A soccer (or football) fan in South America can buy a ticket any month of the year to their favorite team’s games, a privilege that is just not possible as you travel further north. Let’s face it: anyone trying to play soccer outdoors in Canada or the upper US during December or January is going to have more trouble than just figuring out which snowbank the ball landed ... More >>


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